2002 - 2020

With our wind power projects we have been involved in building a more sustainable environment ever since 2002. Over the last 18 years our installations have helped to reduce emissions of CO2 by 4 million tons. We now produce enough green energy each year for almost a million households. We will also continue our efforts in the future to keep increasing the amount of renewable energy.

Our main milestones:

  2002 : founding with an installed capacity of 12 MW onshore 
  2005 : concession for the first offshore wind farm
  2010 : first production in green power plant A&S Energie
  2012 : first foreign project: 10 wind turbines in Curaçao
  2013 : Construction of first offshore wind farm Northwind
  2018 : Construction of offshore wind farm Rentel
  2018 : Over 1,000 MW installed capacity
  2018 : Over 1 billion euros balance sheet total
  2019 : Construction of offshore wind farms Seastar and Mermaid

Between 2002 and 2020: 4 million tons CO2-emissions avoided!

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