Using the enterprise Aspiravi International NV the Aspiravi group is also active in wind energy projects abroad. Aspiravi International wants to strengthen its shareholdership.

Projects on the island of Curaçao are grouped under Aspiravi Antillen NV: Aspiravi Antillen is 60% shareholder of NuCuraçao Windparken BV and 50% shareholder of NuCuraçao Windparken 2 BV.

The wind farms Tera Kora and Playa Kanoa were built on Curaçao in 2012, and feature 10 wind turbines achieving a total capacity of 30 MW. 
The construction of a 3rd wind farm consisting of 5 wind turbines has been started in 2016. The wind farm was fully operational in July 2017.

More information is to be found on the project pages.