1/12/2020: Less than six months after installation vessel Apollo left the port of Ostend with the parts of the first SeaMade wind turbines, the entire offshore wind farm has been built and all 58 wind turbines have been installed.

26/11/2020: In the North Sea, everything is being done to complete the SeaMade Wind Farm. 55 of the 58 wind turbines have now been constructed, 52 of which are already producing green electricity. This is the last straight line towards the production of green electricity for 485,000 families and an avoided co2 emission of 500,000 tons per year.

02/11/2020: In the North Sea, 46 of the 58 wind turbines of the SeaMade wind farm have already been installed. The goal is to install the last 12 wind turbines by the beginning of December. This will of course partly depend on the weather conditions in the coming weeks.

09/10/2020: With 39 wind turbines installed, of which 36 are already operational, the construction of the largest Belgian offshore wind farm is now halfway through!

Pictures: Otary RS nv

06/08/2020: Earlier this week, the 16th wind turbine was installed, 12 are already running and therefore produce green electricity. This morning the installation vessel left with yet another load of parts towards the Mermaid concession zone.

The export cable from both the Mermaid and the Seastar concession zone has also been successfully installed and commissioned.

02/07/2020: In the meantime, the first wind turbine is also connected to the grid and green electricity is being produced!

20/06/2020: The first of the 58 wind turbines has now been built from installation vessel 'Apollo'.

18/06/2020: Today, the next step was taken in the realization of the offshore wind farm SeaMade, in which Aspiravi is involved as a shareholder of Otary. This morning around 10 am the installation vessel 'Apollo' departed with the parts for the construction of the first two wind turbines.

10/01/2020: As planned, all foundations for the new SeaMade offshore wind farm were installed in the North Sea in 2019. 58 wind turbine foundations and 2 foundations for the offshore substations, also referred to as sea sockets, have been installed by a specialised ship in both the Mermaid and Seastar concession zones. The last tasks are now underway to lay the export cables, which will transport green electricity ashore.

By the end of this year, in partnership with the 8 other offshore wind farms off the Belgian coast, SeaMade will provide approximately 10% of our country's total electricity production, amounting to around half of the energy consumed in all Belgian homes.

06/12/2019: The submarine cable is currently being laid between Elia's offshore switching platform (OSY) and the Mermaid offshore wind farm concession zone. The Offshore Switch Yard (OSY) is located 40 km from the coast and will bring the electricity from 4 offshore wind farms together ashore by the end of 2020.

13/09/2019: The 4th SeaMade foundation transition piece has been installed, with the 5th one about to start soon.

06/09/2019: SeaMade and DEME are proud to announce that today the DP2 offshore installation vessel “Innovation” started with the first load out of the first 3 of the 58 wind turbine foundations and transition pieces for offshore installation, as support structure of the 8.4MW turbines. These foundations are the first to be hammered into the seabed for the SeaMade offshore wind farm.In addition, 2 foundations and transition pieces supporting the 2 substations will be installed in the coming months. Here, you can read the full press release.

08/08/2019: The foundations of the 58 wind turbines for the SeaMade offshore wind farm are currently being prepared at the manufacturer's site in Hoboken. Both the monopiles, which will be sunk into the seabed, and the transition pieces, which form the link between the foundations (monopiles) and the turbine, will then be transported to the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. From there, an installation ship from Deme will take these components to the concession zone in the North Sea and install them.

The finishing touches to the 58 foundations will be made in January 2020. The construction of the OHVS (Offshore High-Voltage Station) and the laying of the export cable towards the coast will commence after that. The installation of the wind turbines, with a rotor diameter of 167m, will then begin in June 2020. The machines, with a capacity of 8.4MW, will together supply green energy for around 485,000 households by the end of 2020, avoiding CO2 emissions of more than 500,000 tonnes.

3/12/2018: SeaMade reaches Financial Close for its 487 MW Offshore Wind Farm in the Belgian North Sea. SeaMade NV is responsible for the simultaneous development of both the Mermaid and Seastar offshore wind farms, resulting in the single largest wind farm financed and built in Belgium. SeaMade will start its construction activities in summer 2019, building 58 wind turbines with a total capacity of 487 MW. As of 2020, SeaMade will deliver renewable energy for 485,000 households, also allowing for a reduction of more than 500,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Read the press release.

20/07/2018: Following the merger approval by the European Commission on 5 July 2018, the contribution of THV Mermaid into Seastar NV was finalised. The resulting merged project will be named “Seamade NV”. Read the press release

07/03/2018: Seastar and Mermaid intend to collaborate with Siemens as wind turbine supplier. Read the press release

Technical information

Number of turbines
Number of households
Start of production
487,2 MW
SeaMade NV
Share of Aspiravi
8,75 %

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