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11/10/2019: The hub and blades for the fourth of five wind turbines in Le Roeulx were installed this week. This means the project is entering the home straight towards starting up the wind farm and the production of green energy for 6,250 households. By the end of October, the construction of the last wind turbine will also be fully complete and the entire wind farm can be powered on. The subsequent tests are expected to take until the end of November, as will the civil engineering works to restore the site to its original state.

Le Roeulx opbouw

02/10/2019: The working surface of our new wind turbines in Le Roeulx currently looks like a large building package. Therefore, it is a challenge to build up the wind turbines safely, especially if you know that all parts together weigh around 1,320 tons.

24/07/2019: The local television station ACTV has made a report about the new wind turbines in Le Roeulx.

10/07/2019: After finishing the access roads, the work surfaces for the cranes and the foundations during spring, the actual construction of the wind turbines itself has begun.

The concrete elements of the tower arrived from Germany by boat. This way, we avoided 60 lorries on the road, preventing a significant emission of CO2. The construction of 2 concrete towers has been finished recently and a third will be erected shortly.

The other big parts, like the elements of the tower in steel, the blades and the nacelle, will be brought to the site by means of an exceptional transport during the night. The first transports have been taken place this week. If all goes according to plan and weather conditions remain good, the construction of the first wind turbine will go on probably today.

We plan the finalisation of the mechanical construction of the fifth turbine by the end of September. The new wind farm in Le Roeulx will produce renewable energy equivalent to the average annual consumption of about 6,250 families.

14/06/2019: The first of 5 concrete towers is currently being built in Le Roeulx.

7/06/2019: The concrete tower segments are delivered by ship in Le Roeulx and then taken by truck to the site, 2 km further away.

27/05/2019: The first concrete tower segments and the main substation are delivered to the site in Le Roeulx. The purchasing station is the electricity cabin that forms the interface between the distribution network on one hand and the end user on the other. This cabin also includes the billing counter that measures both the injection and the decrease in energy.

08/03/2019: The crane platforms and access roads for the five new wind turbines in Le Roeulx are ready. The preparatory civil works for the Aspiravi/EDF Luminus project are finished now. The piling works for the foundations of the turbines are ongoing. Starting June, the components of the tower, the blades, the nacelle and other parts will be transported to the site with special transports. Then the installation of the 5 wind turbines can start (4 Aspiravi, 1 EDF Luminus). They have a combined capacity of 11,5 MW and will produce green energy for 6,250 families.

Technical information

Number of turbines
4 van 5
Number of households
9,2 MW
Share of Aspiravi
100 %

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