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We may well and truly refer to our participation in the Open Company Day and the organisation of the Aspiravi on the Road school days in Wervik as a great success! On Thursday 29 and Friday 30 September, over 500 children discovered everything about the new wind turbines along the A19 in our Aspiravi on the Road container classrooms. Both the children and their teachers enthusiastically welcomed this combination of education and experience. For example, the children made a simulated virtual climb to the top of the nacelle, they were able to personally generate power by cycling and a large propeller enabled them to experience how powerful the wind is.

Because we are using our renewable energy projects to work on a sustainable community for the coming generations, we want to inform them in this interactive manner of the energy transition in general and wind energy in particular. The children returned home with their own paper Aspiravi wind turbine, a poster on wind energy to continue working on in class and, what is especially important, a considerable amount of knowledge and experience that they had gained.

We also took it upon ourselves to inform people during the Open Company Day, when over 3,000 visitors came to the Wervik site. In addition to the Aspiravi on the Road containers, people could also have a look in one of the three wind turbines under construction and all the visitors were given the opportunity of viewing the blades at close range because these still needed to be raised at that stage.

Our colleagues who assume responsibility for constructing and operating the turbines, explained matters such as the components, construction process, maintenance and dispatch of our wind farms to those interested. People were also greatly interested in the stands displaying vacancies and information on the cooperative company "Aspiravi Samen", although, once again, it was especially the virtual climb inside the wind turbine that generated most enthusiasm.




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