Tera Kora II

7/11/2019: Aspiravi's wind farms Tera Kora I and Tera Kora II and NuCapital on Curaçao recently underwent major maintenance. Unique drone images were produced showing how the blades are inspected close-up from a so-called Käufer platform, which is built around the blades. 

18/08/2017: Third wind farm with 5 wind turbines operational on Curaçao! With 30% of the energy consumption at Curaçao being produced by wind energy, the goal of obtaining 30% of its energy from renewable sources in 2020 has already been achieved today. Curaçao now holds a place in the global top 3 of countries that are forerunners in the area of renewable energy.

28/07/2017: The wind farm was officially inaugurated in the presence of a number of prominent and politicians of Curaçao and representatives of the various companies involved. Enjoy some pictures and a short video of this inauguration.

19/06/2017: The wind farm was connected to the grid and started producing.
The projects of NuCuraçao and Aspiravi represent a huge step towards the commitment by the Curaçao Government and Aqualectra to source no less than fifty per cent of its energy from renewable sources. Curaçao is on the verge of being 2nd in het world for non-conventional renewable energy. For that reason, a commemorative tombstone was handed over to NuCuraçao Windparken 2 (owned by Aspiravi for 50%) on 19th June by CIBC First Caribbean Bank, who is the proud lead arranger.      

10/05/2017: The construction of the fifth and last wind turbine of our new wind farm Tera Kora II on Curaçao was finished. Read more

11/03/2017: The whole weekend, the components for the new wind farm have been transported to the construction site. Watch here the impressive aerial images!

27/07/2016: Enjoy the video of the ‘groundbreaking ceremony’ for the new wind farm Tera Kora II that took place on 27th July 2016.
After the groundbreaking, the local press published the following articles: Aftrap werkzaamheden windmolenpark Tera Kora, 60 procent groene energie tegen jaar 2030

06/07/2016: A press release was sent to announce the expansion of the existing Tera Kora wind farm.

Technical information

Number of turbines
Number of households
Start of production
17,25 MW
NuCuraçao Windparken II bv
Share of Aspiravi
50 %

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