According to Greenpeace, Aspiravi Energy top of the class energy supplier!

Greenpeace has published its yearly ranking of energy suppliers, indicating that Aspiravi Energy belongs to the top 5 of green energy suppliers in Flanders.

When making up its classification, Greenpeace considers production numbers, energy mix, purchasing policy and rates. In this way, Greenpeace wants to avoid that energy suppliers occur more "green" than they really are. With a score of 18/20, Aspiravi Energy got an extremely ecological classification in Flanders and the rest of Belgium.

Advantageous rate for shareholders

The origin of the electricity, investments in wind energy by Aspiravi NV and the special rate for shareholders were considered as very positive. Shareholders with at least 4 shares of Aspiravi Samen cvba or Limburg wind cvba can get a favorable rate via Aspiravi Energy.

“Truly green energy is not more expensive than energy from polluting sources”,says Mathieu Soete, Greenpeace’s energy specialist. "More and more families are aware of this and use their power as a consumer to influence the market in a positive way”.

Support for a good cause

In addition, Aspiravi Energy donates to a good cause for every consumed megawatt hour. Like that, each client contributes to a social project supporting the socially disadvantaged and those living in energy poverty.

Do you want to buy true green electricity at a competitive rate? Then there's only one correct choice!

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