Kick-off for largest wind park in the Port of Antwerp

On Thursday, 30 June 2016, in the presence of Prime Minister Bourgeois, the Antwerp city hall was the location for the kick-off of the largest onshore energy project in Flanders: the construction by VLEEMO NV of 19 3 MW wind turbines on the right bank in the Port of Antwerp.

This project represents a 110 M EUR investment. The wind farm, consisting of Enercon turbines,  will be operational in 2017, thus providing renewable energy for approximately 40,000 families. The turbines have a 3 MW capacity, a tip height of nearly 200 m and a rotor diameter of 115 m! The Belfius bank is our partner in bank finance.

Posterior to this project, VLEEMO NV is planning the construction of another several turbines, for which the permits have already been obtained. With these realizations, VLEEMO NV contributes substantially to the climate targets set by the City of Antwerp, the Port of Antwerp and Flanders.

VLEEMO NV is a collaboration between the Flemish companies Aspiravi NV (50%) and Polders Investeringsfonds (50%). Both companies are specialized in wind energy projects.