New corporate brochure for Aspiravi group

The new corporate brochure for the Aspiravi group is presented at the end of April every year. This year, we have opted for a no-nonsense approach. The 2020-2021 edition firstly provides an overview of the realisations from the previous year and takes a look at the many projects to be realised in 2021/2022. You can also read why Aspiravi has been a pioneer in wind energy for nearly 20 years and is a leading light in the energy transition.

Alongside this, there is a clear explanation of the ever-expanding activities and structure of the Aspiravi group and an insight into what we aim for on a daily basis. This includes a more thorough explanation of the initiatives we are taking to garner social support for renewable energy projects.

New to this corporate brochure is a more prominent role for the various aspects of corporate social responsibility for the first time. In each case, we explain how we put consideration for the planet, profit and people aspects in our daily operations. Here, you can view the new Aspiravi brochure.