Nice dividend for 13,100 citizen-cooperants once again

Cooperants of Aspiravi Samen CV, Limburg Wind CV, and Wind voor "A" CV will receive a nice dividend again this year, paid out for their investment in renewable energy projects.

For the construction of its projects in Flanders, the Aspiravi group collaborates with these three cooperative companies, through which local residents can invest in the wind energy projects being built in their neighbourhood. As such, we work together on sustainability and social support!

Limburg wind CV paid out a dividend of 3.25%, delivering an impressive yield for its citizen-cooperants for the 13th year running. Aspiravi Samen CV has now been operating for 11 years and has paid out a dividend of 3%. Wind voor "A" CV, founded in 2019, has paid out a dividend of 3% to its cooperants for the third year running.

Would you also like to invest in local, green energy production in your neighbourhood? You can! Please consult the websites of the cooperative companies for more information. – –