Open Company Day 2023 - Fernelmont

Discover all about wind energy in general and the new wind turbines in Fernelmont in particular

Since 2002, Aspiravi has been committed to making the world a better place through its renewable energy projects. Do you know the many benefits of wind energy and the importance of locally produced green energy? Would you like to know how a wind turbine is built? Curious what the inside of a nacelle looks like? On Sunday, Oct. 1, Aspiravi will be happy to answer all your questions.

In Fernelmont, Aspiravi is building two new wind turbines. You can visit the site, ask your questions and virtually climb into a wind turbine. Come discover what you see when you stand atop the nacelle. Brave the power of the wind and produce your own energy by converting your pedal power into electricity.

Any citizen can co-invest and enjoy the benefits of wind energy through the cooperative Aspiravi Samen cv. 14,000 citizen cooperators have already done so. Find out more during Open Company Day in Fernelmont.

Practical info

Event address: 
alongside the E42, exit n°10 Hingeon Fernelmont
5380 Fernelmont

Parking address:
Parc industriel de Noville-les-Bois
Rue Ernest Montellier
5380 Fernelmont

Please park your car in the provided parking lot in the industrial area.
Shuttle busses are provided between the parking lot and the event location.
(only 5 min drive)