Ostend beach stunt highlights important Belgian offshore wind milestone

Already 2/3 of the the 5th wind farm in the Belgian North Sea (Rentel) is operational. This makes the total capacity of Belgian offshore wind energy 1,186 megawatts (MW). This means a yearly electricity production of 4,030 gigawatt hours (GWh) or the equivalent of  more than 1 million families’ usage. In perspective: Belgium has 4,8 million families.

15.000 paper windmills were placed on the beach at 17th of august to form the number 1.000.000 - to underline that this number of families that can be provided with green energy has been surpassed thanks to the wind turbines on the North Sea. In the morning everyone was then invited to come and pick a windmill on the beach. Each windmill has a unique code. Those lucky enough to pick a windmill with one of the winning codes, can win a free boat trip to and from the wind farms on the 15th or 16th of September. There are places to be won for the boat trips via the contest on www.windenergieopzee.be as well.