The construction of offshore wind farm Rentel in full progress

In September, the last of the 42 foundations at sea were installed for the Rentel wind farm (in which Aspiravi Offshore II participates 12,5 %). The cable works also went according to schedule: after the cabling between the wind turbines, the export cable was placed without a problem. This export cable, connecting the wind farm with the mainland, is connected to the Elia network in Zeebrugge.

Offshore wind record broken in Belgium

There has never been as much offshore wind power in Belgium: 19 GWh were generated by our wind farms at sea on 22th October.

Wind supplies 1 in 5 famillies

On 11/09/2017, Belgian wind farms generated together 40 GWh of electricity, which supplies 19% of the families! With these results we did even better than France.
Offshore wind farms broke records as well: Europe recorded a production of 250 GWh.

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