Las turbinas eólicas para el nuevo parque eólico Tera Kora II llegaron al puerto de Willemstad

Friday 3th March, 5 Vestas wind turbines (type V117) for the new wind farm Tera Kora II have arrived in the port of Willemstad. The wind turbines have been transported from Denmark on the ‘Donaugracht’, a ship owned by the Dutch shipping company ‘Spliethoff”, during a 3-week journey with destination Curaçao.

Currently, the components of the mast are being unloaded in the port and transported to a temporary site. Later on, they will be transported to the building site Tera Kora II.

On March 11th, the first set of blades and a nacelle will be transported with exceptional large goods vehicles, only permitted during weekends. Once all parts of the 5 wind turbines are unloaded and transported, the construction of the wind farm will take a start.